Have you ever thought “How did I get here?”.  That statement can be seen in either a negative or positive light.  Then sometimes it is just asked at a moment of serendipity .  No, I’m not talking about the Kate Beckinsale movie.

I’m talking about a series of seeming unconnected events leading you to exactly where you are suppose to be, at exactly the right time.  Events that have made you laugh, cry, shout and even second-guess your life choices and yet, here you are.   These events are all revolutions.  They cause change or reaction in our lives and you move forward forever changed.  Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.

My Revolution is a band made up of two people that could not have found one other by chance.  God aligned our stars and our paths crossed for a moment beyond serendipity.  We have both experienced unbelievable highs and some grueling lows in life and yet…here we are.  Our own revolutions have led us to create music together that we feel you need to hear.  Music with soul, passion and hope.   Thank you so much for your support and now it’s time for you to push play and enjoy making your own revolutions.


-tara and bret

(now would also be a good time to Netflix Serendipity…what?! It’s a good movie!)

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